Creating exceptional
user experiences.


I'm a User Experience Designer and Product Designer based in Montréal.

I have been helping companies develop remarkable digital products since 2003. My proposals answer end users’ needs while meeting all stakeholders’ objectives.

Every company and endeavour being unique, I adapt my process to the specific needs of your organization. You'll find below a description of my services and a few well-known brands with whom I have worked. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information:

⎯ Pierre Foucart


Interaction Design

Whether it be a website, mobile app or intranet, I define functional solutions that match requirements and marketing strategies. To do so, I sketch by hand, develop wireframes, and build clickable prototypes.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture involves the creation of site maps, user flows and concept maps for websites and digital products. Based on a marketing strategy, a content strategy, and personas, I define a content structure that makes it easy for users to find the products or information they are looking for.

UX Audit

Going through different materials (mock-ups, websites, mobile apps…), I document usability issues that impact comprehension, lead generation, and the overall quality of your product. My audits always include recommendations for fixing any identified issues.

User Research

I conduct user interviews with your target market — whether to understand content needs or to validate wireframes or prototypes. These interviews are performed as card sorting or user test sessions.


I provide UX and usability consulting to all types of clients, from agencies and start-ups to big corporations. Here are a few big names — I'm sure you will recognize them.

Find 10+ of my projects on my portfolio. See my portfolio!