Helping you create great user experiences.


I'm a UX Designer / Product Designer based in Montréal.

I have been helping companies build digital products for almost 10 years. My proposals answer end-users needs while meeting all stakeholders objectives.

Every company and endeavour being different, I adapt my methods and process to each client. You'll find bellow a description of my services and a few known names I had the pleasure to work for. Feel free to contact me for more information.

⎯ Pierre Foucart



Whereas it’s data analysis (traffic, keywords) or a full competition benchmark. Each project begins by understanding the market, its users and your consumers.


I work with you to develop concepts and ideas that will help you achieve your objectives, or your client goals - while always keeping the end user in mind.

Usability and UX Audit

I go through your current product/service and highlight issues, find quick fixes or recommend revamps based to fulfill your goals.

Information architecture and UX Design

Sitemaps, workflows, wireframes, clickable prototypes and functional specifications. I do all the deliverables necessary to define the user experience of your project.


I have been consulting for all kinds of clients from agencies, start-ups to big corporations. Here are a few big names, I'm sure you will recognize them.

Find 10+ of my projects on my portfolio. Check out my portfolio!